Keep Matt McGinn Singing

Pete Seeger

 More than 40 years after Matt’s death we are still singing his songs and laughing at his humour, so Pete Seeger’s wish has been fulfilled.

The people that have kept Matt’s music alive are undoubtedly the very ones he wrote about with affection;  teachers and pupils, grandparents and grandchildren, workers and leftwing people are still passing down his songs to the next generations. A number of fans have made videos on youtube which have allowed people to access his songs easily and there have been a number of groups over the years who have organised tribute concerts and put up plaques in his memory. Matt would have loved every single one of the above, and would have enjoyed hearing his song sung in different styles and by such a variety of artists.

Here we have a list of links to articles, concerts, groups, etc.. that have all played their part in ‘Keeping Matt McGinn Singing’.

We will always remember Matt, with his grin and his enthusiasm. And his songs will go on and on, around the world.

We are adding links and external references daily

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