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n 1314, the twenty-fourth of June King Eddie says "We're ready now to steal the stone of Scone" He brought his biggest army but discovered he'd backed a duece In Bannockburn he found that he was up against the Bruce cho: We raised our pikes, the English kept a-coming They wernae quite so happy when we gie'd the pipes a blaw We struck once more, the English start a-running Ready steady Eddie, go, it's time to shoot the craw Well, we had a bowl of porridge and a wee bit pinch of salt We had a dram of whisky and it was the finest malt We each wore a tammy and we wore the philibegs Eddie was in terror when he'd seen the hairy legs Now poor King Edward, nearly had a fit When he'd saw his cavalry has landed doon a pit His men looked up from the trap that Bruce had built And they were shocked to find out what was worn below the kilt He sent for his archers, a group of country folk They urred and they purred, what a funny way they spoke With those archers Eddie had a go They didnae last as long as the ones on radio On the fastest horse you ever, ever saw King Eddie went a-racing o'er the Border and awa He was fond of Scotland, but he never did return He didnae like the welcome he received at Bannockburn

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